SAFER. More technology. More ecology.


Intelligent safety barrier road

01. SAFE

Better passive safety
Protect motorbike drivers
Avoid amputations

02. TECH

New channel for Sensors
4G, 5G, wi-fi

03. ECO

Recycle tire rubber
Prevents animal abuse
Reduces power consumption

1BARRIER includes

a new communication channel

for technology industry

This new communication channel provides companies of mobile, applications and services for collecting real-time information on vehicles and drivers.

Installing a programmable switchboard will allow to communicating in real-time between vehicle and infrastructure (V2X), among vehicles (V2V), between vehicle and people (V2P) and among people (P2P); via 4G, 5G, WIFi …).

This new channel allows public administrations and concessionaire firms, collecting traffic information and its incidents in real time.

1,2 Millions deaths per year in traffic accidents and 65 millions people injured.

Every year, are dying the same number of inhabitants that has the city of Brussels, in traffic accidents.

Every year, the same number of inhabitants that has UK or France are going to hospital due to injuries caused by traffic accidents.

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Gestión tráfico en tiempo real:
Reduce alcance de las lesiones:
Permite implementar tecnología:
Evita atropellos animales:

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