Safer. Technologic. Ecologic.


Intelligent road safety barrier

01. SAFE

Better passive safety
Protects motorists
Prevents amputations

02. TECH

New channel for sensors
4G, 5G, Wi-Fi

03. ECO

Recycles used tire rubber
Avoids the run over of animals
Reduces the energy consumption

1BARRIER incorporates a new communications channel for the technology sector.

Installing a programmable switchboard will allow real-time communication between the vehicle and the infrastructure (V2I), between vehicles (V2V), between vehicles and people (V2P) and between people (P2P); all this through 4G, 5G, wi-fi ….

This new channel allows the administration and the concessionaires to know the status of traffic and its incidents in real time.

1,2 million people die every year

65 million are injured

Every year the same people as inhabitants of the city of Brussels die in traffic accidents.

Every year we send all citizens of a country such as the United Kingdom or France to the hospital for injuries related to traffic accidents.

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Gestión tráfico en tiempo real:
Reduce alcance de las lesiones:
Permite implementar tecnología:
Evita atropellos animales:

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