Our company is the owner of two new patents worldwide, referring to a new barrier of road protection and intelligent management of traffic and its incidents.

According to current regulations, the possession of patents allows us to both manufacture the barrier and its technological applications, such as granting manufacturing, commercialization and / or exploitation licenses to third parties.

In order to add to our project the large manufacturers of metal barriers and concrete barriers (New Jersey), as well as rubber recycling companies and technology manufacturers, we have decided to license the use of our patents . In this way, not only will we not compete with large consolidated industrial groups, but we will incorporate them as partners in the development of the product, applications and services that the barrier can offer to administrations and users.

As a most outstanding quality, and exclusively worldwide, our product incorporates the application of new technologies in road protection barriers; this will allow us:

– The reduction of traffic accidents.

– The reduction of the dead and serious injured.

– Intelligent management of traffic conditions of vehicles in real time.

– The reduction of maintenance and repair costs.

On the other hand, but not least, the novel and unique design in the world also allows us to actively participate in the treatment and recycling of waste that otherwise will affect the environment: rubber from tires is one of the basic components of the structure of our road protection barrier.

Therefore, our road protection barrier has three technical advantages that make it more competitive than those currently marketed:

– It will reduce both the number and severity of traffic accidents on interurban roads (it will reduce the social cost of accidents).

– It will save economic and personal costs both to insurance companies and administrations (significant reduction in the impact of traffic accidents on GDP).

– It will give a “clean” exit to waste that would otherwise damage the natural environment (which will cause a significant reduction in the environmental impact of the automotive sector on the environment).

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