The INTELLIGENT ROAD SAFETY BARRIER incorporates a rubber casing that allows recycling about 20kg x linear meter of barrier, that makes a total of about 40kg per manufactured section.

Rubber can come from any vehicle with tires: motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors…

This will mean the practical disappearance of tire cemeteries, source of environmental pollution: by fires, by degradation and filtering to aquifers, cultivation of mosquitoes and other parasites.

With the rubber recycling of tires indirectly we obtain a beneficial effect for the atmosphere: we avoid that they are used as high calorific fuel in cement and other heavy industries; which will prevent the emission of millions of kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The design of the barrier itself, with a continuous layout that covers from 0cm to 70cm in height, the entire perimeter of the road where it is installed, will prevent the collision of small animals. In addition, the incorporation of proximity and ultrasound detection technologies will prevent the entry into the road of wild boars, roe deers, deers … which undoubtedly prevents direct damage to the environment: usually the animal run over is killed or severely injured and often sacrificed

If the medium and large-sized animals were removed from the roads, we would avoid a lot of deaths and serious injuries each year; again the motorcyclists are again the big victims in this type of accident … (for more information see the TECHNOLOGY section).

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