Due to its configuration: an outer rubber casing supported by an internal galvanized steel structure, the INTELLIGENT ROAD SAFETY BARRIER does not have edges that endanger the safety of motorcyclists and cyclists when they suffer an accident.

Annually there are 125 accidents in Spain in which the victims suffer the amputation of one of their body parts.

The courts are already condemning the titular administrations of the roads and highways where these accidents occur to compensate the wounded by amputation (insert any news or press head); but it is not tolerable that the Administrations “prefer” to pay the fines to change the current steel barriers for safer elements such as the INTELLIGENT ROAD SAFETY BARRIER.

The Protection System for Motorists or SPM has been shown not to be as effective as originally envisaged since it leaves “unprotected areas” where it is easy for an arm or a leg to enter and end up being amputated (in fact, only Spain is still installing some sections with this protection system, in the European Union its implementation has been completely discarded despite the pressure from manufacturers).

The real possibility of incorporating a series of information and communication technologies in the rubber outer casing will make it possible to speed up the intervention of emergency services, manage accidents and breakdowns in real time, warn of the presence on the road of cyclists, suicidal drivers … (for more information see TECHNOLOGY section).

The design of the barrier: a continuous casing from the 0.00 cm. up to 0.70 cm. height combined with some of the developed technological applications prevents animals of any size from accessing the road and causing accidents.

If the medium and large-sized animals were removed from the roads, we would avoid several deaths and serious injuries each year; again the motorcyclists are the big victims in this type of accident … (for more information see the TECHNOLOGY section).

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